Fragrance Of The Month

Feely's Fragrance of the Month for January:
Emporio Armani Diamonds Rose

Armani presents a new limited addition of the Emporio Armani Diamonds fragrance. This specific scent is designed for the spring/summer seasons with its fresh citrus, fruity and floral tones. This light and lemony fresh scent of roses begins with sparkling accords of bergamot, raspberry and black currant. Its floral heart includes rose, lily of the valley and freesia. The base is made of patchouli and ambrette seed. The limited addition 50ml bottle is now in store for only €48.00. Shine bright with Emporio Armani Diamond Rose. 

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A Brief History of Fragrance:


Since the beginning of time, fragrance has succeeded in enchanting and capturing the imagination of men and women. So where exactly does fragrance originate from? Fragrance dates back to the ancient world- Egyptians used fragrances as part of their religous cermonies in the belief they could communicate with higher gods through scented smoke-this ritual is responsible for the word perfume-per fumum, Latin for through smoke.

Thousands of years later, fragrance has travelled the path of humankind. Today, in the year 2015, fragrance is still sought by people throughout the world. Fragrance is a tool which transcends all barriers - it communicates regardless of race, language or age.

Finding the right fragrance for you can be a tedious exercise- the avalanche of fragrance products available on the market can make choosing a fragrance a debilitating task. Choosing your fragrance is a personal journey, a journey to be enjoyed, not endured. Your choice of fragrance is a choice personal to you.

Fragrance is a powerful tool, capable of creating a memory. The sense of smell is closely linked to memory, more than any other of our senses. You may wear a fragrance the first time you meet your future husband or wife, your wedding day, the day your first child enters the world- each time you smell this scent again, it will succeed in reigniting the memory of the most special days of your life. Fragrance creates a memory of a person like no other - we can all associate certain scents with our loved ones.


Fragrance categories

Fragrances may be differentiated according to the concentration - the intensity of a fragrance is dependent on the concentration of essential oils or perfume oils contained in it.

  • highest concentration of perfume oils - 15 - 30%
  • strong scent
  • contains least amount of alcohol - less dehydrating on the skin
  • lasts for up to 6 - 8 hours


Eau de Parfum
  • weaker in concentration than pure perfume
  • 15% essential oils and perfumes
  • lasts 4-8 hours


Eau de Toilette
  • contains 5 to 8% of perfume oil in solvent
  • carries lighter fragrance
  • lasts for a shorter duration
  • requires reapplication after 2 - 4 hours


Families of Fragrances

Perfumes are traditionally classified into four predominant fragrance families

  • Floral
  • Fresh
  • Oriental
  • Woody

Each family is made up of a number of components (called notes) to deliver their distinctive aroma.


Floral Notes


      Soft Floral
  • a mixture of classic floral notes such as white flowers and powdery notes such as iris and vanilla


      Floral Oriental 
  • soft,spicy orange flower notes mingled with aldehydes and sweet spices
  • subtle,muted tone
  • sensual scent


Floral Fragrances Available:


Fragrances of floral nature tend to be of greater popularity than other tones. As a result there is a wide variety of floral fragrances available, making choosing a floral fragrance a tedious task. 

Here at Feely's totalhealth Pharmacy, we offer a variety of floral fragrances ranging from classic brands such as Ralph Lauren to celebrity branded fragrances, each of which belong to the iconic floral fragrance family.


Name: Ralph Lauren Romance


  • velvety floral fragrance
  • musky tone composed of a blend of floral notes including yellow freesia, lily and white violet

Sizes Available:  100mL Eau de Parfum - €89

                              50mL Eau de Parfum - currently reduced from €69.50 to €50


Name: Elizabeth Arden RED DOOR


  • classic, elegant, signature fragrance
  • contains a blend of floral tones including white violet, jasmine and red rose

Size Available: 100mL Eau de Parfum - €42


Name: Katy Perry Killer Queen


  • floriental fragrance composed of luscious notes
  • contains a blend of wild berries, dark plum and bergamot

Sizes Available: 30mL Eau de Parfum - currently reduced from €25.95 to €19.95


Fresh Notes

  • from the zest of lemons, mandarins, bergamot,oranges and grapefruit
  • distinctive tangy aroma


  • captures sharp scent of fresh-cut grass and violet leaves
  • commonly used in sporty fragrances


  • encaptures the scent of soft sea breezes
  • often used to enrich florals, oriental and woody fragrances


Fresh Fragrances Available:

Fresh fragrances offer soothing aquatic aromas, combing juicy notes of fruits with crisp greens such as fresh cut grass and violet leaves.

Here at your Feely's totalhealth Pharmacy there is a wide variety of fresh fragrances available ranging from iconic world reknowned brands such as Lancome to the most popular selling perfume brand in French pharmacies Roger&Gallet.


Name: La vie est belle- Lancome


  • fresh floral fragrance
  • citrus aroma 
  • elegant iris backbone 

Sizes Available: 30mL 50mL and 100mL (check prices)

Name: Roger&Gallet Cedrat Eau de Parfum


  • fresh notes extracted from citrus fruits
  • cooling and sparkling sensation offering a refreshing fragrance

Sizes Available: 100mL Eau de Parfum - €39.75

                            30mL Eau de Parfum - €19.90

Roger&Gallet Cedrat is also available in a body lotion at the price of €9.99


Name: Polo Sport Woman




Oriental Notes:


Floral Oriental
  • comprised of a traditional oriental base coupled with an exotic floral note
  • warm sensual blends


Soft Oriental
  • blend of fragrant flowers, spices and amber produce a softer style of oriental


Oriental Fragrances Available


The oriental fragrance family offers a blend of rich and spicy scents. Components included in the oriental family include warm spices, resins and rich opulent florals. A range of fragrances from the oriental fragrance family are available at your Feely's totalhealth Pharmacy as seen below.


Name: Roger&Gallet  Eau de Gingembre 


  • energising fragrance
  • fresh ginger is blended with juicy mandarin and sparkling pomegranate notes

Sizes Available: 100mL- €39.75

                            30mL - €19.90


Name: Gold Edition Eau De Parfum Next Generation


  • blend of floral and spicy scent give this fragrance an oriental character
  • florals contained include jasmine, gardenia and orange blossom
  • soothed with fruity notes of neroli,lemon flavour and juicy raspberries

Sizes Available: 30mL - €3.99


Woody Notes


       Woody Oriental
  • soft sandalwood mixed with rich potent patchouli
  • also contains soft blossoms and a hint of spice


      Mossy Woods
  • forest scent
  • warm, earthy aroma


Woody Fragrances Available:


Woody scents are dominated by earthy tones of cedar, patchouli and sandalwood. These scents evoke a confident, dominant and grounded image. Many of the male fragrances on offer are of woody nature, but scents of woody origin also make an appearance in female fragrances available in our store.


Name:Roger&Gallet Bois d'Orange


  • combination of fresh accords of citruses and warm nuances with the strength of wood
  • crisp base of amber, rosewood and cedar

Sizes Available: 100mL - €39.75

                            30mL - €19.90


Male Fragrances

Name: Joop Homme


  • blend of untamed spices and luxurious woods
  • statement of masculinity

Sizes Available: 75mL - €42

                            125mL - €54


Name: Dior Fahrenheit


  • woody floral scent
  • launched in 1988 - timeless fragrance

Sizes Available: 


Name: Allure Homme Chanel




Body Lotions


Body lotions compliment the fragrance experience by adding another layer to the fragrant aura. By applying a body lotion before using a fragrance, you succeed in building the scent aura, extending your scent throughout the day and night.

At Feely's totalhealth Pharmacy, we offer a number of body lotions in conjunction with a variety of fragrances which may be advised to you in store by any member of your Feely's totalhealth Pharmacy team.(Roger&Gallet Range)


Tips for long-lasting fragrance sensation


  • Do not rub the fragrance into the skin- this can spoil the head notes and disrupt the scent of the fragrance


  • Spray the perfume on the pulse points of your body- behind your ears, at the base of your throat, inside your wrist, inside your elbow, behind your knee.


  • Moisturise your skin before applying the perfume - Fragrance will longer on well-moisturised skin as oils on the surface of the skin trap the fragrance notes and cause them to last longer.


  • Spray some perfume on your hairbrush - spraying an alcohol- based fragrance directly onto your hair will cause it to dry out.


  • Store your perfume in the correct places - ensure your fragrance is kept in a cool and dry place and out of sight of direct sunlight. Avoid storing perfume in the bathroom- this warm and moist area can cause degradation of the aroma of the fragrance.